About I'm with the band

I’m with the band – and you?

I’m with the band is a project born out of the desire of two super fans, Bere Parra and Carly Findlay, to reach out to other passionate fans and find out more about the fan phenomenon both as a sociological phenomenon as well as an individual, personal experience.

What is it that makes a super fan?

How relevant for a person is it to be a fan of something/somebody?
How can fandom improve people’s lives, enriching their experiences and even fulfilling their dreams?
What does it really mean when a person says “I’m a fan of…”?

The project’s main part is a blog in which stories about fan encounters/meetings, essays, concerts, photo essays, fan art etc. will be showcased and discussed with other fans in an international setting, full of respect and amiability. In the spirit of Cameron Crowe’s film “Almost Famous”, I’m with the band seeks to become a forum in which fans can open their hearts to both fellow fans and the people they admire so passionately. Parra and Findlay both agree that there’s so much more than what meets the eye about being a fan, and the main goal of I’m with the band, the blog they created, is to celebrate the joy of fandom, its capacity to change lives for the better, amidst the current chaos of our world.

So share your stories of fandom with us!! We want to be awed. We want to relive your magic moments.