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I'm with the band wants to feature your stories about being a super fan! We'll feature stories from fans of musicians, bands, cooks, authors, actors, writers, bloggers, athletes, tv personalities...anyone really! If your biggest idol is your mother, we want to hear why you're a fan!


Send us an email with your story attached (via Word or PDF or in the email body). Fan letters, essays, concert reviews, photos...: all are welcome!

What to include
  • Your story (maximum 1000 words)
  • Relevant photos  (if you have them; otherwise, I'm with the band will look for a suitable image available online)
  • A short biography outlining who you are, who you're a fan of, where you're from, and something quirky.
  • Link to your blog or website or Twitter account.
  • A photo of you (if you choose).

Editorial policy

I'm with the band reserves the right to decide whether to publish a story. We will notify you if your story will be published or not. We will also edit your story for spelling and formatting consistency, but we want your voices and passion to shine through. After all, they're your stories! No payment will be given for your submissions, but if you send us your story and include a link to your website etc, we'll do our best to promote your work.

I'm with the band has no conflict with groupies. That being clear, please keep in mind that this is not a blog about groupies, and we will not publish groupie stories, since our aim is to keep this blog accesible for fans of all ages and backgrounds, while maintaining a respectful attitude towards everybody.

Comment policy 

We know that being a super fan sometimes attracts judgment. We won't restrict comments, but will remove any that are personal attacks on the authors of the stories published (or of the super stars). Play nice, like you're all looking after each other at your favourite gig.

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