Who are we?

We are not Groupies. Groupies sleep with rockstars because they want to be near someone famous. We are here because of the music, we inspire the music. We are Band Aids.
~ Penny Lane, Almost Famous

I'm with the band was started after Carly Findlay saw Kings of Leon and wrote a semi review of the concert. The Kings of Leon fans Twitter account tweeted the link to her blog, Bere Parra found that post and a blog entry Carly had written about being a fan and could relate. They began tweeting about the joys of being a fan, and decided they want to see a documentary about fans. Living across the world, the best they could do was collaborate as editors of this blog! They want to share fan stories, because some of the fan stories they've read have excited them so much they've been reduced to tears.

Carly and Bere are super fans of super stars as a whole person, not just their talent. It gives them joy to find out things about them, to learn about their work and discuss it with others, hopefully enticing those who don't know them to investigate further and become fans themselves. To them, the experience of being a fan is about JOY, never about suffering or frustration. They are both big fans of the movie Almost Famous.

Bere Parra lives in paradise-like San Miguel de Allende, in Mexico. She's a super fan of those who have changed the world - who are passionate, authentic and 100% committed to what they do. She believes super fandom is about idols providing us with enough courage to change the way we think and live. 

Bere is a super fan of an extensive list of musicians, actors, artists, writers and film makers including David Bowie, Michael Jackson, U2, Coldplay, Kings of Leon, Daniel Day Lewis, Andy Warhol, Salvador DalĂ­, Salman Rushdie, William Shakespeare, Jane Austen, Stanley Kubrick and Sofia Coppola, to name a few.  

She majored in Hispanic Literature at university, but doesn't let her qualification define her. Bere is a woman of many talents - she has been a teacher, a translator, a shopkeeper, and an executive assistant, and now makes a living by managing social networks. She blogs at The Gourmet Dilettante.

Carly Findlay lives in Melbourne, Australia. She has a blog called Tune into Radio Carly which features concert reviews and band interviews, and stories about food, fashion, living with her chronic illness called ichthyosis, and failed romance. She has often been reduced to tears at concerts and gets frustrated that people mistake her super fandom for obsession. She thinks being a super fan is in the genes - her Dad is a super fan of Liverpool Football Club.

Carly is a super fan of musicians: Darren Hayes and Savage Garden, Bob Evans, Angus and Julia Stone, Steve Poltz, Genevieve Maynard, Matchbox Twenty and Kings of Leon.

Her biggest achievement being a fan was at after a Darren Hayes concert where she said 'I love you Darren' and he replied 'I love you too Carly'. She died. (Not literally.)

Carly works full time as a communication professional and event planner, studies part time for her Masters of Communication, is a television presenter on Channel 31's No Limits, and is a freelance writer for DiVine and ABC's Ramp Up (and where ever else will have her!). You can view her online portfolio at carlyfindlay.com. She used to volunteer as a mentor at the Royal Children's Hospital for a great program called ChIPS.

She won the 2010 Yooralla Media Award for best online commentary, was a finalist in the writing category of the 2011 Best Australian Blogs competition and received a 2011 Australia Day medal for her work in the disability community.

Contact Carly and Bere by email, Facebook or Twitter.

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